My hours do vary from week to week from the studio hours. The best way to find out availability is to submit an appointment request form below or call or text (401) 309-2518 


The daily studio schedule is:

 DAY           HOURS                   

Monday        11-6    

Tuesday       11-6     

Wednesday  11-6 

Thursday      11-6    

Friday           11-6    

Saturday      11-6 (Saturday are full day sessions only)

Sunday         Closed 



 All appointments require a deposit  when booking. The deposit amount is determined by the size of the appointment booked, with a minimum deposit of $100. These are non-refundable or transferable deposits that will be credited to the final price of the tattoo.

If you need to reschedule your appointment you MUST provide at least 7 days prior to your appointment or it will result in a $50 Rescheduling fee.  If you fail to give at lease 48 hours notice to reschedule you will lose you entire deposit. 

I do have a 2 hour ($300) minimum for all tattoo appointments .

If you are interested in booking an appointment please take a moment to fill out the appointment request form at the bottom of the this page. 


Submitting this request does not guarantee you an appointment with me. 

You’ll be contacted if your concept fits my style of work. I  do try to get back to every person, but if you don’t hear back from me directly your idea may not be suitable for the style of work I focus on. Every tattoo idea is very important to me and my studio. Regardless of whether or not it is accepted, I will try to direct you to the artist that is best at the style you are looking to do. My studio has multiple artists specializing in various styles so if one of them is better suited for your idea we would rather have that artist work with you to ensure you get the absolute best tattoo you can. 

My Studio Rhode Island Tattoo Company Is located in Johnston, Rhode Island but if you are interested in booking an appointment at either a convention or a guest spot location please include that location in you request. 


Sometimes we change our mines, it happens. With that being said it's really important that we make sure we can come to an agreement on design layout and concept at the time of your consultation. Smaller design tweaks are something we can work in at the time of your appointment. I do most of my artwork 10-14 days prior to your appoitnemt so if you DO need to change something you must provide me with at least 14 days notice before your appointment . If you fail to provide 14 days notice when making design changes you may be charged a $50 redesigning fee that will be assessed from your deposit amount. This may also effect your price estimate on your tattoo If your changes effect the time it will take me to execute your tattoo.

Appointment request form

Saturday appointment request form 

Please be aware when requesting a Saturday appointment that not all requests will be approved. I only work select Saturdays and therefore availability is very limited. Also Saturdays are full day sessions only. 


Deposits can also be done in person at the studio at the time of consultation but for clients coming from out of town I do offer deposit processing here. The deposits are based on the size of your tattoo appointment and should be discussed and agreed upon prior to processing. 

If we have already discussed you making a digital deposit please do so with the appropriate amount. 

*Please note that when processing your deposit online there is a 5% processing fee automatically assessed 

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