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 Aftercare Instructions

In order to ensure your tattoo heals properly please adhere to the following instructions, using only the following products:

Antibacterial Liquid Soap (Dial preferred) and "Miss Pillsbury's Tattoo care" 



During the first three days of healing your tattoo will have a medical grade bandage that will stay on the entire time. Please keep the bandage on unless otherwise instructed by me. After that the next 7-10 days you will wash the tattooed area every 4-6 hours with a small amount of Dial Liquid Soap and water. It is extremely important during these three days you clean the area as recommended. After the tattooed area is washed and dried apply a thin coat of the tattoo care to the entire area making sure to not over apply as the tattoo needs to “breathe”.


Please be aware that the tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as such.




The tattoo aftercare product I use is called "Miss Pillsbury's Tattoo Care". It is an all natural, vegan friendly cruelty free alternative to using conventional petroleum based ointments. I find this product to be far superior to the other options on the market . I do carry it at my studio but you can also purchase it online, click here to be redirected to their site. 

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