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Dick Gee is a tattoo artist whose work serves as a vibrant tribute to the wonders of the natural world. Specializing in animal and nature subject matter, Dick's tattoos are a harmonious blend of realism and illustrated realism, capturing the essence of wildlife and landscapes with astonishing detail and creativity.

As the proud owner of Canterbury Tattoo Company in Canterbury, Connecticut, Dick has cultivated a space where art and community come together. With a team of talented artists by his side, he has created a haven for tattoo enthusiasts seeking to adorn their bodies with pieces that reflect their love for animals and the natural world.

Drawing inspiration from the scenic landscapes of Connecticut, Dick's work reflects his profound connection to the environment and its inhabitants. Each tattoo he creates is a testament to his skill and creativity, showcasing lifelike portrayals of animals and mesmerizing scenes from nature.Step into Canterbury Tattoo Company, and let Dick's tattoos transport you to a realm where animals roam free and nature's splendor knows no bounds.

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